10 Tools You Need to Start Baking at Home


Thanks for stopping by! Have you always wanted to bake, but didn't know where to start from? This used to be me!

I have selected my top 10 baking tools that have helped me in the past years. 

Take a look below and let me know how you feel about this list :)

  1. Kitchen Aid Mixer: this is definitely the very first item on my list. A kitchen aid works like magic! It practically does all the hard work for you! I am all about efficiency, so yes a kitchen aid - I need you! I use a KSM150, which is a 5qt. You can find a link to this mixer here. You do not have to purchase a Kitchen aid, my very first mixer was a Kenwood.
  2. Food Scale: as you know, baking involves a lot of science and measurements, that is the only way you can get that consistency. I initially used to use measuring cups, but did you know that it is difficult to get accurate measurement with measuring cups and spoons? Here is a link to a food scale I use. 
  3. Spatulas: I love to see a collection of Spatulas! I have quite a number of them and I use them a lot! They are useful when making a frosting or when experimenting in the kitchen. Here is a link to buy some spatulas.
  4. Kitchen Towels: baking and cleaning go hand in hand. When I bake, I spend an hour or more cleaning afterwards and kitchen towels come in very handy. Here is a link to a set of kitchen towels to purchase. 
  5. Kitchen Bowls: baking requires a lot of mixing and you need a place to mix these ingredients in! I initially used glass bowls but I found them to be fragile and they do not handle heat as much as I would like them to. A friend of mine introduced me to Vollrath's mixing bowls and they work wonderfully well! They are also perfect for tempering chocolate. You can purchase one here. Ensure that you take a note of the size before purchasing, as they can be quite wide. 
  6. A Turntable: If you are interested in decorating cakes, a Turntable is a must! I currently use 2 Turntables interchangeably. There are so many great brands out there. You can check out this and here is a link to another.  
  7. Measuring Cups and Spoons: I use a kitchen scale for most of my measurements but I still use my measuring cups and spoons from time to time. It is always good to have these handy. Here is a link to a good set to purchase. 
  8. Silicone Baking Mat: these are a great replacement for parchment paper. Lay out some silicone baking mats on your baking tray and use that to bake your cookies! Here is a link to purchase a set.
  9. Offset Spatula: this is a must for cake decorating. You need an offset spatula to spread the frosting around and to give you those smooth edges. Here is a link to purchase a set.
  10. Tall Cake Scraper: I typically use a tall cake scraper, as most of the cakes I decorate are at least 6" tall. I found 3 tall cake scrapers. Option 1 and option 2 are from PME, while option 3 is from Wilton.


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